Our Approach

Every building contractor, including LAC, is proud to tell you about their Integrity, Commitment to Excellence, Quality Workmanship, Safety Consciousness, Reliability, etc. Those are admirable characteristics of a success driven, customer oriented company. The fact is you, the customer, should expect nothing less. So what really separates one contractor from another? It’s not what they say they do - it’s what they do.

When seeking the services of a general contractor you are asking a contractor to consider your project, your place of business, your source of pride. Because your project is important to you, it is also important to LAC.

Our Motto at LAC is, "We Build Our Reputation from the Ground Up." Since 1989, we have built and continue to build our reputation with every job we perform. We do that by meeting and exceeding customer expectations. At LAC, we proactively address construction topics that could affect your project budget, quality or timeliness of completion. Our responsibility to you is to streamline and coordinate all aspects of the building process. We believe a problem avoided isn't even a problem.

If you have used a contractor in the past, would you hire them again? At LAC many, if not most of our customers are repeat customers or referrals from previous customers. We are very proud of that.

In the final analysis, a building project can be called a success only if the customer has been completely satisfied - satisfied that the project has fulfilled the intended need, will bring long term value, was completed on time and within budget. We want you to be satisfied enough to want to use us again and recommend LAC to others.

If LAC is fortunate enough to earn your business, we are confident we will also earn your trust.

What Sets Us Apart From The Others?

Our Personalized Service From Start To Finish.