Design / Build

Design / Bid / Build vs Design Build

Two of the most common construction delivery systems in use today are design/bid/build and design/build. Following is a brief discussion of both.


  • Owner selects an architect to design project

  • Architect designs project and presents plans to owner

    • Owner and architect work to finalize project design

  • Owner approves final plans and puts project out for bid

  • Contractors provide bids per approved plans

  • Owner evaluates bids for budget compatibility

    • If necessary, budget is modified or project scope is amended and possibly the project is re-bid

    • Owner selects a contractor

  • Construction phase begins

    • Changes are designed by the architect, priced by the contractor and approved by the owner before implementation

  • Advantages/Disadvantages

    • Bids can be easily compared

    • Time consuming sequential process

    • Any incompatibility to project budget can be very difficult to reconcile


  • Owner selects a general contractor

  • Contractor hires architect

    • Owner, contractor and architect combine to design project to meet budget

    • Contractor provides pricing as design is under development

    • Changes in project are made as the design progresses

  • Construction phase begins

    • Work begins on project even before design is complete

  • Advantages/Disadvantages

    • Contractor provides turnkey project

    • Owner, contractor and architect collaborate to complete design

    • Budget constraints are reconciled in the design phase

    • Construction can begin much sooner


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